Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whatca Workin on Wed

I am always late getting this posted. I guess I'll have to rough draft it on Tues and just up load it on Wed. I finished some projects that I was working on before my retreat.

This is a special candle mat. It was for a friend of mine for Christmas. Yep and she just got it last week. Most of my friends realize my short comings with deadlines and are forgiving. They always say the my gifts are worth the wait. My friend Cheryl got this gift because she will treasure it for a couple of reasons. First because it's handmade but also because I used my feedsacks to make it. The running stitch is done with the string that I pull out of the feedsacks. This is the before picture.

After I coffee stained it.

This is a flannel quilt I made for my niece. She's at college so I thought this would be a great to throw around quilt and still be comfy and warm.

Rondel was talking about a country store that had a room of 50% of merchandise. Well she live around me so I had to find it and visit. These are several of the things I bought. The stacking boxes are going to be for all the small electronics that lay around my house that don't boast prim. I'm not sure what I'll put in the long basket. Probably the hanging wheat on the end of the rack would be tall enough. And last but not least the homespun. It was only $3.00 a yard. I have a feeling I'll be going back for more.

It's been rain and freezing then snowing her today.They cancelled school and my girls have been home all day so I got little done. Maybe tomorrow before I go to work. I'd like to get some hearts made to go in my potpourri.

Be sure and visit Leslie at My Country Home to see what everyone else is working on and join in the fun and inspiration.

Until next time,


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Oh, how i wish you would have emailed me or left a comment I would have met you there! Here is my email addy rondell1951@hotmaildotcom.

Don't you just love her homspun I remember when she was charging $8.00 a yd. I didn't see a sign around the last time I was there so thought she had up the price.

Seriously let me know I'd gladly come to meet you there:)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I forgot to mention how neat the candle mat is I never thought to use feedsacks:0

Leslie said...

The candle mat turned out so nicely and what great little touches you add to them :)

The homespun looks wonderful! I just love homespun :)

You're going to have a lot of fun stashing things in those boxes. I got an idea...the top one should hold a piece of paper that tells you what's in the other ones! LOL

Have a great night! Stay warm!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a great gift, I love it, I'm sure it was well loved even if it was late. I wish we could find homespun around these parts for 3.00 a yd.

basketsnprims said...

Hi! Just found your blog & really like it. Love your candle mat, how your friend will enjoy it. I like your homespun & boxes, too. Great finds. Have a wonderful day.


Kath said...

Hi Rhonda!
OMGoodness-your candle mat is beautiful!!! What a neat idea making it out of a feed sack-I LOVE IT!
Your quilt is gorgeous! You're one heck of a talented gal! Love all your goodies too, and the fabric! How neat that you live so close to Rondell, how fun to be able to meet up with her :) Hope ya both get that chance!

I have to thank you, once again, for your kind comments, and for asking about the kids. You are just so sweet! Everyone is doin well, and yeah...we are all starting to get anxious/excited...May can't get here soon enough!!
Thanks for 'caring', my friend...

Have a wonderful day!!

Linda said...

Hi Rhonda, What great finds you got! How cool would it be to meet Rhondell! If you meet - hug each other for me!!

Linda said...

Hi Rhonda,

I have a whole bunch of the catalogsd because a dear friend sells Stampin Up but thank you anyway. I appreciate the offer.

Humm how about the letter M!! Let me know when you post!!

hugs, Linda