Monday, March 30, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Monday March 30,2009

Outside my window
Dreary and wet. Not going to get anything done outside today.

I am Thinking...
of all the things I want to do this week.

I am thankful for
My hubby. We celebrated our anniversay Saturday. 17 years.

From the kitchen
I have chicken out to thaw. I was going to grill it but not today. Will have to come up with something else.

I am wearing
Sweats and a tee shirt. I just got back from the gym.I have the week off work so I plan on jump starting my diet and excersize by going in the morning every day.

I am creating
egs and bunnies. I have plans for a couple of woodworking projects for later in the week if I get the dining room painted today.

I am going
to paint my dining room and do laundry. We are multi taskers after all.

I am reading
The Shack while I walk on the treadmill and of course my study of I John for my ladies Bible Study.

I am hoping
to get lots done this wekk as I have a week off from work. I have friends coming in from Canada the end of the week so I hope to gets lots done early in the week.
I am hearing
Silence. It is so nice after the weekend of noise. I was home with my girls up until 9 months ago and I do so miss the quiet time during the day when they were at school. Now with working full time I come home and they are already here. No silence at all.

Around the house
I have to remove switch plates and finish taking down wall stuff in the dining romm to paint. It does look quite like Easter in my home. I do however have some little projects to finish up. I'll ge to those tonight. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

One of my favorite things
is cooking. When I have time to plan and execute recipes I love to make a nice meal for my family. That is one of the things I miss with working full time.

A few plans for the rest of the week
The list is endless. I want to paint at tleast the dining room. I have sewing projects to finish for Easter,laundry,clean the house,take one day to visit some of my favorite shops (sfter all it is a vacation), visit with my friends, and on and on.
Here is picture thought I am sharing..

My FIL made these crosses for all my husbands brothers and his sister. I love the simlpicity of it. And I cherish it because he made it for us.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whatca Workin on Wednesday and Shopping

I kept seeing all these carrots popping up on blogs and for sale but I could ever get my order in fast enough. They were all sold out. So I decided to do the next best thing. I tried making my own. Make do style of course. I took what ever orange fabric in my stash and sewed it together with greens for the tops. Next I stuffed and closed them. Lastly I grungied them all up. I do love them even if I do say so myself.
They look a little washed out in the lighting from the camera.

Now I just need to finish up some more to fill my bowl. These are more accurate colors.
Next I'm going to try a chocolate bunny to sit in the bowl in "carrot heaven". I also got some orange wool to try making carrots out of. We'll see what happens with that.

Last Wednesday I went shopping with a friend of mine from work.--- Hi Lisa----. She took me to all her favorite haunts. I was in sensory overload. I'll need to go back just to see what all I missed. Here are a few of my purchases.

At the first antique store I bought this firkin. It is a wonderful warm old yellow.

I purchased the glass jar to hold my wooden spools with the thread on them. I think they fit perfectly.

Another store had the candle holder. I have wanted a hog scraper candlestick for a long time but was afraid to buy one off the internet till I saw one up close. I love this one. The candle is one I made.

Last but not least I found these 2 fly screens and thought I could make them into the ones Char had on her blog. I'm having trouble getting the vine and flowers off though. They might just go into the summer cooking things and I'll try something else.

I bought this cupboard at the Country Store that I visited with Rondell. It was in the 50% off room. Well my DH finally got it up on the wall so I could get a picture of it. Now it just needs accessorized. But he wants me to wait as it is really heavy and he wants to get a different screw for in the wall so it doesn't fall. I think I'll wait so I don't loose anything that might be in or on it. I think I'll take his word for it.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Feedsacks for Sale

I have some Feedsacks I posted on my selling blog. I will be posting different sewing related items on this blog every Friday until they are gone. That may take awhile as I used to buy estates of textiles. So stay tuned on Fridays for my offering.

This is just an example of what is there. Every feedsack is an original 1930's,40's or 50's sack. If you don't know the story of feedsacks I will be posting a small explanation on the other blog this weekend.

Happy Friday.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whatca Workin on Wednesday

I have been trying to use up fabric in my studio and not buy any more till I do something with wht is already there. Here are a few of the tops I have in various stages. A little late for the St Patty's day one but I didn't work yesterday anyway. I can wear it pretty much all month anyway. The easter one will be nice and colorfull. The bandaid one I can wear anytime.

This is the before and after of the candle box I found at the thrift Store. Now it just needs a little distressing and I can fill it.



Isn't it amazing what black paint can do.

I'm off to meet a friend to shop. I'll be sure and post if I find anything.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie

If any of you know the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" you'll get a glimpse into my day today. Since I was off today I promised myself I was going to get a couple of projects finished. The first one I finished was my Early Pincushion. It is a pattern from Sue Spargo Folk Art Quilts. I made one for Rondell and had to have one for myself. The hardest problem is the beading. Each small round flower is beaded. The vase has blue beads on it also. It is pretty good size...8 inches round. I ran out of emery so I cut open several of those generic tomato and strawberry pincushions I had lying around and used the wooden shavings out of them. But as I cut them open I made a mess all over my ironing board........ Off to get the sweeper...... After I finished the pincushion I had to sweep up all the spilt shavings.

Next I had been promising the girls lunch bags. I had seen one on the internet I liked and thought I could probably adjust the size and make a pattern for myself. I couldn't see buying the pattern......
My first mistake. Then I made it out of an old feedsack because I thought Emily would like the pattern since she's into Vera Bradley things. Wrong !!!She didn't like anything about it. Especially since it was out of "old" feedsacks.

So she gave me a suggestion of what she was thinking of and I tried making that. When I ran into trouble with a seam I called a good friend and she drove over to help me out. (aren't friends great)

But this one is wayyyyy to small. It wouldn't even hold the small water bottle she takes in her lunch. Back to the drawing board again. At least I made progress though. She liked the print and the shape.

So if you've not read "if you give a Mouse a Cookie" before the story revolves around the snowball thing leads to another.

I'm off to try my 3rd lunch bag. Wish me luck. I'm beginning to think I should have just bought the Vera Bradley one!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Rusty Angel

It's great to have someone who shares your tastes to shop with.I am finally getting a few minutes on the computer to post a few things. At my house with 2 teenagers it's almost impossible to get computer time between homework and My Space and Facebook. I am looking at refurbishing a laptop I was given just so DH and I could have time on the computer.

Here are some of the things I purchased when I went shopping with Rondell.If they look familiar it's because she and I bought the identical things. SHHHHHHH don't tell Carl I bought a bag of grass. I'd never hear the end of it. I love my blue eggs. I need to find a bowl for them. I purchased yards of the fabric they are sitting on to make curtains. I ended going back and buying the ones I wanted a couple days later.

We both bought this candle holder and nubby candle. The cupboard it's hanging on my brother made me. Isn't it wonderful!!!The cupboard I mean.That will be another post. I'll show you all the stuff he's made for me.

Now here's the stuff I bought when I went back to buy the curtains. First here's the curtains. I hate the white windows and muttons but they'll have to do for now. I've toyed with the idea of making false inserts to cover them. We'll see. This room is still a work in progress. I also bought this rod iron candle holder. I figure if I buy 1 thing while I'm there I should be moving ahead on my decorating.I just love these nubby candles too.

Now here's a project I completed some time ago but I'm just getting around to posting and I do like how they turned out.

My SIL is very bad so I am praying for a miracle and will accept nothing less. I will covet your prayers. They both read my blog so I'm not going into detail here. We are remaining optimistic and not dwelling on the problem. But thank you to all who are praying.

I have lots of projects in the works and will post again when I can get the computer.