Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whatca Workin on Wed

I'm trying to use up and clear out. This week it's old quilt blocks.

There is a warning though. I got a little carried away with the bags. I think my OCD kicked in a little. I started out just trying to cover up the writing on the bags I use for groceries.

The bag before I did anything to them.

This is the same bag back and front with a stray quilt block attached to cover up the writing.

Then I talked to a friend (HI Cheryl) and she suggested making pockets out of the quilt blocks.

These old quilt blocks are some that people give me. They really aren't square and can't be used for much but I like them just the same. They were hidden in a box on the shelf so This to me is a better way to enjoy them and give my shopping excursion a boost.

Plus it gives me extra pockets. And who can't use those???

And........the more boxes I get rid of the more wool I can bring in. I have been having such a good time making penny rugs.
I call this one Cheerios. It reminds me of the cereal now that it's done.

I have always liked miniatures and this is no exception. The pennies were small to work with. The army blanket wool I used is one of my favorite prim colors. I dyed some green wool too and it turned out good for my first try at dyeing.

The colors are more accurate in the first picture under the candle. This one is washed out. For some reason I can't see to get good pictures with nice color of my rugs.

My next rug will be a cream and tan one. I noticed that everything up until now is pretty dark in coloring. I need something a little lighter for some of my darker furniture.

Many more projects..........
so little time.
Until the next ones are finished......

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Monday, February 15, 2010

New and Old projects

Even though it's technically after Valentines Day I wanted to post my tree. I am trying to get ornaments made for each month to change the tree. It sits in my bay window in the family room. It's great to be able to enjoy it after I put so much work into make the ornaments to hang. I try every month to get them made and up in enough time to enjoy them the whole month but that doesn't always happen. I have stopped condemning myself for not getting them done and up in a more timely manner. I just tell myself I'm ahead for next year. LOL.
Here's the heart tree.

I moved it here to take a picture because the light was too bright coming in the window...See

Another in the bay where it actually resides. It has 36 wire branches.

Emily had a report to do for school. It was a journal from the French and Indian War era. I am definitely keeping this project it is a perfect prim journal. We had fun working on it and she got a good grade.

It's snowing here again so it's time for some laundry and some sewing. Lucky for me my sewing machine is in the basement with the laundry room. It looks like I'm really doing something not just sewing.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowstorm and Projects

Well the weatherman was right for a change. We got our predicted 20" of snow here in SW PA. I was at work. (I work at a local hospital) and had to have DH come and get me at 1 AM when I finally gave in and declared I couldn't get my car out of the parking lot. I grew up in NW PA so loads of snow is nothing new to me. So I was giving it the old college try and driving home. They had plowed all of us in our parking spaces in an attempt to keep the ER entrances open. I could get so far and then the van (Dodge Caravan) sat on top of the snow and could not go. Lucky for me my replacement showed up and I could leave. Others were not so lucky and were mandated to stay-not that they could have gone anyways. But DH came and got me and here I sit working on projects all day. (Happy face)
Here are some of the photos I took today. This is our backyard from my bedroom window. You don't think I was going out do you????????

DH shoveling.

The side of our driveway.

This is a big thing here. They don't get snow like this often. Most things were shut down last night and this morning. We went and dug my van out this afternoon. DH is so nice he dug out other hospital personnel while we were there.
Of course we needed a new picture of the stone house in the snow. That rod iron fence in the front is a 3 ft fence.

Here's another on going project that I'm loving how it is coming out.

The bottom penny is 1 1/4" the middle penny is 1/2" and the center is 1/4". It's small to work with but I'm lovin it. I finished cutting out some more pennys last night at work SHHHHHHHHH don't tell. But I hate to sit and do nothing if there's no patients so I always have something to work on. I took 2 tan wool skirts to take apart to felt. They are all ready for the washer.

The snow is beautiful. I'm just glad I don't have to go out in it. I'm settling in for a rather cold night with my new "make do" flannel quilt to finish reading some blogs.........Nice and toasty warm. I'm very thankful tonight for my family being safe, DH and his helpfulness and thoughtfulness for others and God's provisions for our family.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whatca Working on Wednesday and Where's Waldo

I finished my "make do" Flannel quilt. I made a significant dent in my flannel stash. I wanted to just do something fun with it and not worry too much about color placement. I achieved my goal. It is random all right. The size of the squares vary throughout the quilt but it came together nicely since I used a basic 2" start. Everything had to be in increments of 2. It sure is warm and everyone enjoys using it in this weather.(If they can get it away from me that is.)Eventually I think Tori will claim it. DH and daughter #2 already have a flannel...of course DD#2 says hers is getting too small.

Some time ago I started a quilt I absolutely loved when I saw the pattern. It's from the Nickel Quilts book by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode.
When I saw this coverI knew I had to make it in Civil War Repro fabric. Everything in the book is made from 5" squares. But I wanted it really scrappy. I didn't want to go buy all that fabric for a couple of 5" squares so I went looking and found a Nickel Quilt group. First I exchanged a couple times for finished blocks then a couple of times for just squares. I found this too time consuming for me though. So I resorted to buying a little at a time and since I love this fabric anyway I know I will use it in other projects. SHHHHH I even have more projects picked already. DH doesn't understand this type of thinking.

Here's the 67 blocks I have completed already. I ONLY have 100 more to go for a queen size. I will probably make it bigger though since it's for our bed and I want it to be a generous size.

I always lay the quilt out and watch it through the day for different patterns I might see. It also helps to take a picture of it or look at it through the camera lens or a peep hole for a door to get a perceptive look at the pattern.
So here's the Where's Waldo .........I laid this out to photograph it and found a mistake in the piecing of one of the blocks when I saved the picture for posting. Can you find the block????????

I need to get a few things done around here before I go to work. Be sure and check out other Wednesday projects at Leslie's.