Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping in Lancaster

I have returned from a much needed R&R with my DH. It was our anniversary so we ditched the kids and ran for Lancaster. Yep!! Lancaster Pa. DH and I have been going there since before we were married. We are never at a loss for things to do there.

Of course a trip to Lancaster wouldn't be complete without shopping. Fabric shopping that is. I love to shop there because their prices are at least $3.00 a yard cheaper than other shops.( I do frequent the local shops as well but what DH doesn't know won't hurt him.)

So be prepared this is a photo intensive fabric post. I am working on a Civil War reproduction quilt so it MUST be scrappy. So here goes...................

I have so much trouble with backgrounds for reproductions. These are called "shirt prints" and will work great. I always buy these up whenever I find them.

Always a need for creams

Patriotics.......great for placemats and napkins for our July Civil War dinner

Greens,browns,reds and purples..notice the "cheddar"????

Starting a collection of blues for an all blue and white quilt.

And lastly a shamrock piece for a new smock top and placemats for next St Patty's day.

So I'd better get off the computer for now and get this stuff put away.

Really disappointed that I found no wool anywhere though.

Had a wonderful time away but unfortunately it's back to reality.

Dishes meals kids......................

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've had so much fun the last few days.

I have been trying my hand at dyeing some wool.

I tried some new wool and Cushings dye.

And the results were.........

Buttercup Yellow in 3 shades ..........

Copenhagen Blue

And Bronze Green

Not done yet.
I tried Kool Aid dyeing.

And you thought Kool Aid was just for drinking.

Look at these colors. What fun this was and it only took about 10 min each color.

now I'm not sure how long the color stays. It says not to put them in direct sunlight. I was thinking Easter eggs and spring flowers as I was looking at them.
They are not the colors I normally work in for my Penny Rugs but they are cute and I loved the technique and learning something new.

This is the project my SIL and I are working on.

It ran in Quiltmaker Magazine starting in Jan 2005 for 6 issues.

It is all in wool.

My SIL is recovering from Bypass surgery so she's looking for something to work on when she feels up to it.
Not sure these colors go for this project either but we'll see.

Happy St Patty's Day.

I'm off to get my corned beef in the oven and frost my cake.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The mailman cometh

I was so excited yesterday when I got home. This was in my mailbox

And this is who it was from.

I placed an order on Friday morning and I got it yesterday.
What great service!!!
This is what was inside........2 yards of luscious soft wool and 6 new colors to try. Thanks for the suggestions Cathy.

I was so excited to get these.
Friday is my day off so I will be bringing out the dye pots. Most of the fun is in the experimenting.

I just never know what I'll come up with.

Some wool I already have I will over dye with new colors. Others I will try from scratch.

I must remember to write down my recipes this time.

Yes recipes with measurements of amounts used. So in case I need more for a project later on I can reproduce it. (Nothing worse than starting a project and running out of a color. )

Thinking new penny rugs.

Copenhagen blue, doesn't that sound rich... Olive green for a background penny..... Buttercup yellow toned down with some black or tan for mustard.....

the projects are swirling .

I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it.

What a way to get those creative juices flowing. Just the winter break I needed.

Enjoy your day.