Saturday, January 10, 2009

What to do on a dreary day in PA

It was a cold and rainy Saturday here in SW PA. We got a liitle snow last night but no where near what they hyped it up to be. Although other areas of Pittsburgh did get more. It was still a good day to stay in and work. I finished up some candles I bought right after Christmas.
I'm taking a chance and showing my workspace. It is alongside my laundry.It also houses the water heater and furnace too. I do everything here. Sew, quilt, candle making, dying fabric, etc. It is the catch all room.

I melt my wax in an electric frypan. It is just large enough and fits on my worktable. I like it too because the wax stays hot while I work.

You can see the whip I use to whip the wax on the right. The white votives in the front are the befores.

And after.....
These aren't done with the whipped wax. They are painted with spices.

I also did some bigger candles but I forgot to take the befores.These ones were done with the whipped wax.

My favorite painted ones. They are great as a single candle in a holder or grouped in 3s and wrapped in paper or with a homespun strip of fabric.

This was a good way to spend a dreary day. It still smells really good down here in the basement....cloves,cinnamon,pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg...................

I need a donation for our auction at our quilting retreat this coming weekend and I thought why not a prim basket. So it's off to work on a candle mat. I'll show the basket and it's goodies before I donate it.



Miz T. said...

I can almost smell those wonderful spices through cyberspace! Your workspace looks like a great place to play with messy things, and all workspaces are supposed to be busy, cluttered and messy places if you are being creative. I think yours looks quite neat considering how busy you were today! Thanks for sharing your candles with us. By the way...we got your snow up here! 8" and still floating down!

Kath said...

Ok-trying agian...just tried to leave you a comment and it disappeared!!

I love your candles! They turned out great! Good idea using the elec. fry pan!

Looks like ya have a wonderful work area...

I wanted to thank you for your comment...for askin about the touched me! How very sweet of you.........they are doin great, the pregnancy is goin well...Amanda has a dr. appt. tomorrow--we just keep the faith...and keep little Ava in our prayers!

Thanks again, Rhonda
-Hugs, Kath

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I bet it does smell so good and I just wish I had that work space:) I like the idea of the electric fry pan for melting wax...something I've never attempted to do! But it's only the beginning of the new year so who knows what I'll learn next!
Have a great Sunday evening.