Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Christmas Quilt and a Ziploc Bag Project

Did you ever find a project that just keeps popping up until you actually make it?? There was a Christmas quilt I saw in an older addition of Fons and Porter's mag. I didn't actually have the mag so I called their store and they sent me a copy..$5.00 because they had no more of that edition. Fast forward years....I found said mag in a flea market type sale that we have at our quilt retreats for 25 cents. Plus I finally decided on the perfect reproduction fabrics.

Starting with many many strips being cut.

Then sew the the strips back together.
Cut them at 45 degree angles.

Sew the angled strips together into diamonds.

20 done 4 more to go. This has been a lot of work. Sewing the angled strips requires marking the 1/4 inch. It's time consuming.

Then cut the big diamonds into 2 "tree tops".

While I am working on "big" projects I keep smaller projects in Zip;oc bags to be grabbed at a moments notice. Never know when I'll need one.

Finished a Penny Rug. Seems like Christmas is the theme.

Love that feeling of accomplishment...........


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Tablerunners

We had a computer crash so I am limping along with a picture software I am not familiar with. But I finished a few things and wanted to get them posted. So I tried the software that came with my camera. It's not too bad just more time consuming than I'm used to. But I am always excited when I teach myself something new on the computer since I can be electronically challenged.
Pictures in the snow:

Another strip pieced Valentines Table runner...............

My favorite Laurel Birch fabric
A Christmas Stripe

I'm glad I found a use for it. I can enjoy it instead of looking at it on my shelf.

In keeping with my gift strategy here's the second one for the gift box.

With the left over 60 degree triangles...


I read somewhere that the best pictures are in natural light outside so out side I went. I love the snow so what better place to photograph. This was so much fun.
Hope you enjoyed them.