Friday, July 31, 2009

Textile swap

This was my first time participating in a swap. Char sponsored a textile swap this time. My swap partner was Kim over at up on a hill blog. I was thrilled with all my goodies.
She and her hubby made me the blue wooden scoop and she filled it with several ragball she made. They are homespun with felt stars on them. Isn't the flag pillow she made just perfect.

I couldn't believe the work she put into this heart sewing kit. I simply love the attention to detail and it's so prim. Lovin it.

open needle case

This little stitchery touched my heart beyond words. It is a personalized saying that includes "Cavaliere's" our last name. It is a special piece.

Kim had read my blog post about my salts and she sent along some beautiful heart pillows she made from old embroidered pillowcases and a crocheted doily. I have a shelf in my china closet(that isn't very prim......know anyone who wants to buy a curved glass Victorian china cupboard) where I have a display of my DH and I as children with a wedding picture and the glasses,knife and cake topper from our wedding. They all fit so well on this shelf and it is just what it needed.

Thank you again Kim for all my special goodies. You are truly a special person to put all the attention to detail that you did into my swap with you.

I went shopping with a frien of mine today to 4 yes count them 4 prim shops and 3 antique shops. I am in overload. I did take some pictures but my camera was losing battery power so I only have 1 or 2. Iwill post tomorrow with those pictures. I will be posting the finished chimney cupboard tomorrow also.
The girls get home tonight so it's back to sharing the computer.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday

Well it's been awhile since I joined in the fun so........... today's the day.
I love my blue canning jars.

I have several and I keep them on a shelf in my kitchen. I enjoy the old tin lids with the porcelain on the inside from the older canning methods. The older jars have wire harnesses that keep a glass lid in place. I have one that has a home repair job (a make-do job) with a thin piece of wire substituted for the normal one. It makes me smile to look at it and know someone fixed it themselves and didn't spend any money to do it.

I also use my canning jars. These ones have cinnamon sticks and sunflower seeds in them. I do have one in my cupboard with baking soda in it as well.

I took one of the tin lids and popped out the porcelain lid....poked a hole in the lid....inserted a soap pump and........made my own vintage soap dispenser. 50 cents for the jar $1.00 for 3 pumps and a tin lid 5 cents. I bought a bag of them at the thrift Store for $2.00. So instead of Gooseberry's it's Rhonda's. I did notice (while I was wiping it off to take a picture) that the soap that has collected on the inside rim if the lid in eating through the tin lid. Weird huh!!!!!!!! I'll just have to make sure I have a store of lids.

I prefer the blue jars but heavens knows I have enough clear jars too. I love to use them both in my kitchen for various tasks. They just look and feel so homey,

Enjoy your day. Be sure and check out The Colorado Lady for more links to more Vintage Thingy Thurs participants.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Finished Projects Monday

I can't believe it 2 posts in one week. I usually can't even get one post a month anymore. This is a completed project from when I was in Texas with my brother. I saw this on a few different blogs but couldn't seem to find one to buy so the next best thing is make your own version. In this case......ask your wonderful wood worker brother to make one. He was all into showing me how to use the power tools though so it was a collaborative effort with most of the work being done by him. I did learn a few things about using old barn wood though. Thanks Ron.

It looks bigger in the picture than it is. But it's in a smaller room and I couldn't get a good angle.

Another project done. I want to get at least one a day done while the girls are away.

Project #2
Use up a zucchini before it's too late. Yep I picked them and had a hankerin for some Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread. From this.......
to this.............
Wish you had smell a post........sounds kinda weird!!!!!!LOL but really I am sitting here smelling it as I type. I'll probably have to cut it before bed though. It smell divine. It's a little darker than I like but it'll be crusty this way. It's great toasted for breakfast too. I will be making more tomorrow. Just got home from working a 12 hour day so 1 batch is enough for today. Anyone want to come over for tea and bread??????

Enjoy your day.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

flea market finds and a chimney cupboard

My girls left for a summer camp this morning so I have soooo many projects to work on. Big plans for my week. I finished up my swap for the textile swap Char is hosting. I can't show you any of those pictures though until my partner receives her goodies. It was my first swap and I am my own worst critique so I hope she likes them.

I went to the flea market in Rogers Ohio on Friday with Emily and my nephew. We had a good time. They spent the day laughing at me. I was on a mission to find old wooden spoons for a prim spoon holder I want to make. I succeeded in finding 3. The best one I got for a quarter. It had a dollar on it. I asked the guy if he'd take 50cents he said if I'd take it I could have it for a quarter. The kids just laughed as I paid and ran. I was afraid he'd change his mind. Oh he didn't know what he had. LOL It is the oldest and the most worn. I love it.
It is the one closest to the front of the three.

I wanted to show you a before picture of the chimney cupboard my brother made me. I have it almost finished painting.

Finishing it is one of my priority projects for this week. It's my second painted piece so I'll need lots of suggestions for improvement. This is the base coat of black paint.

I worked in my garden today also. I have an abundance of cucumbers to say the least. I am planning on putting them in my front yard with a free sign tomorrow. Hope they are all gone when I get home from work. I picked green peppers too. I think I picked the last of my peas. It's been so mild they lasted longer than usual. My tomatoes aren't doing anything. Zucchini and squash are just about finished too. I only put in one plant of each since we don't eat much of them. I pass out veggies to all the neighbors too. I have taken some to work. I had grandiose plans of making pickles this year. What was I thinking???

Wish you all lived closer and we could share the produce.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Ron

Today is my brother's birthday. It seemd a good day to recognize him in my small way.
I spent a week in June with he and his family in Texas. We had a wonderful time. I am so impressed with the man he has become. I can hardly believe he is 45 years old. It seems like yesterday he was tormenting me when we were young.

From child................

To getting married ................

To being a dad...............

To enjoying being a grandpa..............He and his 2 grandson's crashed in his recliner following a rousing game of football.

This is the family photo from my parent's 50th anniversary party in May 2008.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ron (even though you can't see his face) because he is doing what he loves .....woodworking. It also happens that he is working on a prim piece for me.
I wish him a very happy day with his family. Wish I could be there to celebrate with all of you.

I love you Ron.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I wish I had vintage 4th of July decorations. I am really into decorating with Americana for the summer. But things around here are pretty hard to find. Today for Vintage thingy Thursday I was in my dining room and the sparkle of my china closet caught my eye. I am a primitive lover at heart but sometimes I run across something at the thrift store I just can't pass up.
This is my collection of individual salts. They were used at the formal table so each person had their own.

I love the spoons as well They are made of glass. I have seen some in plastic but I believe them to be newer. I'm not really sure when plastic was manufactured.

The box sets I found at different times at the thrift store.

This is one of those items I pay little or nothing for. That is the thrill of the hunt for me. The goal is being to add to the collection when I find one for next to nothing.

At auction I did get the crystal knife rest for virtually nothing. I included it with the salts since I only had one and it fits in the same era as the salts. It holds the cake knife from our wedding in the china cupboard.

This is a late day post but I hope you enjoy my salts. I do.
Enjoy reading other posts about vintage things at The Colorado Lady.