Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Pray

I am asking for prayers for my brother Ron and his family. Actually my SIL Theresa especially. She had a brain tumor removed today and it was cancerous. We are not sure if it has metastisized from somewhere else or if it is a primary tumor. My brother is so dear to me as she is. I can't begin to express how sad this whole thing makes me. She will be 50 in May. They have 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Please remember her in your prayers as they start a new process. It's been a tough year for them. They both lost their jobs this year. They worked for the same plant in Texas that closed. My SIL had been there 36 years and my brother 20 some. They need to be going to school or actively pursuing jobs to qualify for their unemployment. My brother Ron is in college at 44 and so was she. (She passed out at school that's how they found the tumor). His school is 1 1/2 hours away from their home but he must continue or have no money coming in. So this is going to get more complicated than ever for all of them.

Just please pray for all of them. Here are the pictures of their sweet family. Their daughter, her hubby, their son and all the grandkids. As you can see they love each other so much.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rusty Angel

I finally received my camera from the gal at Rusty Angel in Greensburg. I left it on the counter I was in such a hurry to get my purchases out the door before she decided to take them back. LOL While I was there I did get a chance to photograph one of the rooms downstairs. I could stay there for hours just looking at all the things I want to buy. Here are the ones of the make do chair Rondell and I saw.
The next set are the interior of her store. This is just one room downstairs. There's another whole room and an upstairs. Rondell has some pictures from upstairs on her blog.

It truly was such a wonderful way to spend my day off. I love shopping and meeting new friends. The gal from the Rust Angel is now a friend too. She mailed me my camera so I didn't have to drive the hour and a half to pick it up. In some way it was too bad though. I'm sure I could have found more to purchase when I drove back.

I will post about the treasures that I did get in the next day or so.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friends make the day brighter

It's always wonderful to meet new people and share your obsessions. Did I say that I meant intrests. I finally had a chance to meet Rondell from Tomato Creek Prims. We had a wonderful day shopping and talking. We bought almost the exact same things. How strange is that!!

Actually it was amazing to be with someone who shares my love of prims. Most of my friends have no intrest. If I told them I saw a make-do chair they would look at me like I had a hole in my head. When Rondell saw the first one and said about it being a make-do chair I wanted to hug her. Finally someone with a lick of common sense. Well I guess prim sense is a better way to put it. We both could have walked out the door with the credit cards smokin. But we restrained ourselves.
The first stop was The Country store in Belle Vernon. We planned to meet there by our cars. You know the feeling you have meeting someone for the first time.Well it really wasn't there with Rondell. I felt like I already knew her from her blog. As we met on the sidewalk and continued inside we just talked and shopped. Of course we headed for the half price room in the back of the store. I had seen Rondell post about it which is what gave me the idea to meet sometime there. I bought homespun there to make curtains. Since we were already planning to go to The Rusty Angel and I knew Rondell hadn't been there before we were conservative with our spending here.
The Rusty Angel is a prim lover's heaven. If I could live here I would. It has all the things I would love to convert over to in time. I'm a prim wanna be right now. I am s-l-o-w-l-y converting from a more eclectic style to prim. I've always ahd the preference it's just finally having more of a direction.
I digress........As you approach The Rusty Angel you get a feel for the store immediately just by the style of the porch.
This candle is actually lit and smells great as you enter.

I left my camera at The Rusty Angel when I went back today to get the curtains I saw on Wednesday. I can't post any pictures of what I bought then or the new stuff I bought today until I get my camera back. Sop tune in next time for lots of eye candy.

Thanks for a great day Rondell. We'll do it again. I stopped to check on that green painted trunk we saw on the way and some guy was carrying it away. Sad face. I should have stopped sooner.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Friday, February 13, 2009


Emily had a special day at school today. They were having a Caribbean Festival as a reward. She was on the planning committee and has worked really hard for weeks decorating the halls at lunch time. She wanted to do a cake so we google imaged a "palm tree cake" and came up with a picture we thought we could reproduce.
Here she is decorating the cake.

It was a little crooked but she loved it and I loved that she did it herself. She has a hard time finding her niche. We are looking at Wilton classes at JoAnns to further her interest. I think it'll be fun. There are Teddy grahams in the pool on top and colored Goldfish along the sides. It really turned out cute.

I baked palm tree and angel fish cookies to go along with her cake. I was so glad when she said I could use colored sugars on them instead of frosting all them. She can be quite finicky when she has an idea about how something should look or be done.

I had already made and frosted heart cookies for dessert for Bible study and to send to Iraq for my nephew.
So it's off to the post office to get them mailed. It will be way past Valentines Day when he gets them but I doubt he'll care.


Monday, February 9, 2009

High Tea and the Thrift STore

I so want to do the Simple Woman's Daybook but Monday mornings are so hard for me since I must write before I leave for work then wait until Peggy posts hers and then up load it if I can get on the computer at work.... and on and on and on............
I probably can come up with tons more excuses if I try. I'll just have to figure something out! Any suggestion?????????

I went to Tea with my SIL's on Saturday. My hubby is 1 of 7. He has 6 brothers and 1 sister. So there were 7 of us for Tea. We went to a local tea house and had lunch/tea. Can you guess which on I might be??

It was a treat from my SIL Cindy for Christmas for all of us. We exchange SIL gifts among the 7 of us. This was her gift to us. It was nice to get together with out the "boys" for a change. I am closer to some than to others. My hubby always says we are together by marriage and some of us wouldn't be friends if it weren't for that. There are a lot of personalities when we are together. But the food was spectacular and the teas were great. Conversation was excelent and a good time was had by all.

Here is my TS finds. I was really excited to find the yellowish candle bow. Can't wait to paint and distress it.Perfect for my grubby candles I made. It was only $1.99. I collect the red cookie cutters. I'm hoping to have a whole set for each of my girls when they get ready to move out on their own. They are no longer produced. The one duck in front has 1956 stamped on it. They were $.79 each. The little pewter sugar bowl with no lid was $.99. The little believe sign was $.99 also. I was not pleased with the made in China sticker since I have seen so many wooden signs created here in the U.S. by fellow bloggers but couldn't resist the price and it goes to a good cause plus it's reuse instead of waste. How's that for rationalizing??

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Day 1

A Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday February 2nd
Outside my Window
I'm watching the birds try to get to the seed before the squirrels. It's been snowing here and it's a fight for the food.
I am Thankful for
My ladies bible study. We meet every other Monday night and I wasn't able to go last time and I'm really missing them. We've been together some of us for years. It's a bond in the Lord.
From the Kitchen
Lunches,lunches,lunches. I am making lunches for all 4 of us. We are all watching our weight so it's salads for most of us. My youngest has a committee meeting every day at lunch to set up for an upcoming event so she wants "something quick". I'm running out of ways to make lunches more palatable. I try to change them daily so we don't get sick of it and quit for faster easier (not so nutritional) options.
I Am Wearing
My scrubs for work. I dug out my Valentines scrubs to add some color to my day. I have scrubs for every month practically. I enjoy the change.
I am Creating
Hearts big and small. Some for gifts and some to fill up my various nooks and crannies around the house.
I am going
To work. I work at a local hospital. I really enjoy my job. I get to see lots of friendly faces where I am.
I am reading
Devotional Classics for Bible study tonight and James for our couples Bible study. I have been reading old Early American Life magazines as I try to do the treadmill. Gotta take off some pounds.
I am Hoping
that I get to finish cleaning up my sewing room. I won't get to finish tonight but maybe by next week I'll be able to say it's done.
I am Hearing
The girls getting ready for school. One is a morning person and one is not. It always makes for an interesting morning.
Around the house
I am picking up remnants of the Super Bowl game. Yea Steelers. It was a quiet one at our house but being over later everyone left behind some stuff. I don't like to go to work with stuff everywhere.
One of my favorite things
Is watching my girls interact with their dad. He's a super father. It fun to see them mature in their communication and it's as fun to watch them resort back to the "little girl".
A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
Include finishing my sewing room clean up, finishing my hearts so I can send some off as a gift and working on a quilt Tori started and never finished.
Here's a picture thought I'm sharing
Tori's flip flop quilt. This is a picture of the pattern. Wait until you see how bright and cheerful it is. A perfect project to brighten winter days.

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