Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

To increase the use of feedsack prints in the household the Cotton Council in conjunction with Simplicity and McCalls printed booklets. These booklets carried the same fashions and household uses as regular patterns but included the yardage in number of sacks necessary instead of regular yardage. There was a section in the booklet to order the pattern as well.
I have 19 of these booklets and am always searching for ones I don't have. Ebay has been a great source for these. The obvious problem with them is that they are on paper and therefore are disintegrating.
In the past I have seen reproductions of these booklets surface. They are considerably cheaper than an original. I am so attached to all the American Textile history that shows in each booklet.
I truly can't pick a favorite. The older ones are in black and white with few pictures. The newer ones contain colored pictures. This is probably the oldest in my collection.

The cotton council also sponsored a contest where the winner could receive a new sewing machine and a trip to the world's fair. It was an important tool to increase the demand for the sacks. Remember at one time all our cotton was produced and milled here in the U.S. Enjoy looking at the graphics as well on these booklets.

I love the sepia tones the most. The paper also changed through the years. The later colored ones appeared on a glossy stiffer paper whereas the earlier ones are on a thin cream colored paper. Or they could have originally been white that has aged to the creamy color.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

I love thinking about what I might photograph for Thursdays. Today I was working in my sewing room and decided that I wanted to show some of my feed sacks and related stuff.

For those of you who may not know what a feed sack is ....

Feed sacks came about in the early 1900's as a off white colored onasburg sack for carrying dry goods such as seed,fruit,flour,sugar etc. As manufactures noticed the women who had access to these bags began reusing them for everything from towels to underwear (remember we were in the never waste anything era of time) they began to manufacture the bags in prints for use by homemakers. I started collecting them to use in quilting.

It was this quilt that got the whole thing started for me. In the process of collecting enough feed sack prints to make the 1600 leaves on this quilt I met the "feed sack lady " of the time and joined a club she ran for collectors.

This was a wining quilt from the 1930 Chicago Fair.
Yes in fact mine is in progress and has been for several years.

Well it just multiplied from there. I now house over 600 sacks and various related objects. This may be an ongoing vintage post.

As you can see they came in different color ways of the same print.

This is an example of how they would of come to use for a flour towel. remove the string that held the bag closed add a seam all the way around and you have a great cotton towel.

Here are a few from my collection of those with labels.This is an example from 1940's where a kitchen knife came inside with the product.

This is a example of two things. First the bag was pieced together. As the run of fabric was done they just added another on at that point and still made a bag out of it. It is also considered a novelty fabric as it has characters on it.

This is an example of a geometric. It also has the manufacture on the label. Chase was a major mill which manufactured bags.

I didn't realize how much time this would take just to get this much posted. There is so much more I want to show. Stayed tuned for next week and I will post more of the different types of prints available. Be sure and visit The Colorado Lady for more vintage finds.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

How I Spent My Day Off

Friday was my day off. I started the day off with the girls to get our teeth cleaned. We stopped at one garage sale on our way to drop them off at school. I found one frame there for a quarter. After dropping them off at school. I went to another garage sale where I found a couple of old rolling pins. I thought they would look great in a crock.

From there I went to an estate sale where I hit the mother load. I found two wool blankets I can use for penny rugs. The one is my favorite Army green. The other is a pale yellow I plan to over dye to a tan. I want to make a couple of Americana penny rugs and use it for the base.

I bought a crock for my rolling pins. It was only $15. When i priced these at antique shops over the weekend they were double that for the same size. The other crock I bought another day but I loved its shape.

This my load of frames I got at all the sales for a quarter a piece. Can't beat that.

I have been looking for a mold to do a large pantry cake for my peel I found last week. These were also a quarter a piece. I had found them for a lot more at antique shops but wouldn't pay what they wanted for them.

I have soooo much more to show you but I'll save some more for tomorrow. I just had the best weekend aside from working. Happy Mothers Day to me. Hope all of you had a great day too.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday

I have lots of treasures here in my home. I thought it would be fun to share. I found Suzanne over at The Colorado Lady who hosts a vintage day on Thursdays. It's fun to see what everyone collects.

Before I was married and had my own apartment I was just getting into antiques. I went for more Victorian antiques then. I started a collection of hat pins to go on my Eastlake Dresser with it's candle stands. Here are a few of my pins. It's crazy to think they kept hats on with these. But they are all unique and pretty.

I just love the holder for the hat pins. It's so dainty with the little rose bud on the front. I can just picture it on a lady's dresser.

Of course once I was married my DH wanted no parts of all the frills of Victorian so I moved on to country. Now I prefer as Primitive as I can get the rest of my family to cooperate with. It is funny to me how my tastes have evolved over the years of collecting.

Be sure and visit Suzanne and see all the others with Vintage Treasures to share.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time flies

I can't believe it's been weeks since I posted. I have been reading all my favorite blogs but didn't seem to have time to post.

It seems that this time of year I lose so much time. I go outside to work in my gardens and I forget to stop. It just feeds my soul to work in the dirt.
This year I've had a little help getting the vegetable garden in shape. Emily had to do a project for school for Earth Day. She started plants and turned over the soil in our vegetable garden.

She has such a sweet spirit. I just try to nurture it. I think spending time with the plants helps. I hope she picks up my good habits since I know she's picked up the not so good. But they say more is caught than taught so I can hope.

My other time consumer in the spring is Fast pitch softball. Tori is playing for her school and will be starting her local team soon as well. I try to get to her games as often as I can. DH actually gets to more as his work schedule allows. She loves to play so we support her all we can.

This past weekend was a dance at school. I had 5 teenagers trying to get ready for the dance here at my house. Some things went well others did not. But in the end all were gorgeous. I really enjoyed watching my DH the most of all. The girls were demanding and laughing and carrying on. He was totally baffled by all the commotion. His job was to deliver Emily to her friends house for pictures and to drop off her things to stay over night. He waited patiently for awhile then started to get nervous she was going to be late. I can hardly wait until the girls are getting ready for a real dance. He'll go crazy.
Here's Tori and then Tori and her friends.

This is Emily and her friends. She's the one in the yellow. Unfortunately the picture of her alone didn't turn out. Gotta give hubby picture taking lessons.

I did get a few projects done but I was on nights for the last 2 weeks so I have all of them in various stages of completion. I'll show those and some new purchases soon.