Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whatca Workin on Wednesday

I had the good fortune to be able to attend another quilting retreat this past weekend. It was so nice to just be away. This pattern is called a watercolor wreath. A few years ago I gave my SIL one that I had made.So I needed a new one. A friend of mine gave up quilting and she handed over all her stuff. In there was this one partially finished. What better way to replace mine.

I couldn't resist finishing it. I need to do something with the outside border but I'll hang it up for now and just keep looking at it till I decide. It looks a little choppy in the picture but once it is quilted it blends really well.

We were given a favor at one meal that was a kit for a cell phone case. I had been thinking about making one so whipped this one up to see what it looked like finished. It's not really my colors but I did like how quickly it went together. Now I can make several in my colors.

Here is a finished top of Michelle's (one of my quilting buddies). And me ...of course.

These are my Kon-O-Kwee quilting buddies. Kim,Michelle and Karen. They are sisters besides. Didn't get pictures of the rest of my quilting friends but I'll get them next time.

I did get some much needed instructions on my Designer 1 embroidery machine. I hope to get practicing on it soon.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whatca Working on Wed

I am finishing the binding on this quilt today. My annual Jan quilting retreat is this weekend and I want it on my bed. For such a simple pattern I love how it turned out.
It was a challenge on a blog last May. We were supposed to make a block a day for 70 days. Of course I couldn't be happy with that. I made 2 blocks a day in the reverse of each other. These same fabrics are in the quilt I made for my SIL in Texas last year. This one is supposed to be for my brother. I just liked it so much when it was done that it's hard to part with. The gold tied it all together so nicely and made it look old. So of course I loved it.
This is the back. My friend quilted it for me in an all over meandering star pattern. It just finishes off the quilt nicely.

My DH got me 4 yes I said 4 of the Judy Condon books for Christmas. I had 3 already so that brings me up to date I think. I actually have 2 of Country on a Shoestring so I may regift one of those. He didn't see it on the shelf when he was looking to see what I had.
Be sure and visit Leslie's blog to see what others are working on.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Projects for 2010

Hard to believe that my last post was Nov. I was so busy with the holidays and finishing up DH's present that I lost all track of anything else. I did read all my favorite blogs and saw everyone had wonderful holidays. My Header is the one thing I finished for me this year. I am leaving it there for awhile so I can enjoy it. Of course now it's drooping a little and has some snow sitting on it. But to me it's still beautiful. Now to find a place to store it............

I had made 12 flannel pillowcases for the nieces and nephews for Christmas. The scraps from those plus ones from rag quilts past got me jump started on this project.

Next year I hope to have mastered my embroidering machine and then I will be able to put names on the cuffs. But that's another story for another day....

Here is my latest project. Seems like I always start Jan deciding to complete projects and use up supplies I have on hand. This is a flannel rag quilt that I'm making out of scraps. Yep everything is from something I've made in the past. No newly purchased flannel.

Here is the box it all started from.

It's about 1/2 empty here. Forgot to take a before picture........ again.

I made 10" cut squares from the bigger pieces of fabric first. Then I made 8" squares and decreased sizes based on the size of the fabric that was left.

I wasn't so concerned about patterns or color for this one. Just a throw quilt for the girls to use on the couch. These are sooooooooo warm..... there is essentially 3 layers of flannel.

I'm about half finished with it now. I will continue to add until there are no more usable squares of fabric. I'll show how fun it can be once it's finished.
My goal is to work on something every day. We'll see how that goes. LOL.
My favorite saying is "I make plans.....God laughs." Try not to sweat the little things.

This is the shelf that used to be stuffed with flannel before it moved to the box. I can't show you the rest of the shelves... Yet. They contain future use up the fabric projects and I'm embarrassed to say they are not the most organized. But that's why I call it my studio where all the creating takes place.Creative people don't have to be terribly organozed .....Do they??? That's my excuse anyhow.

It's cold and snowy here so I'm taking my glass of wine and settling in to read blogs and relax.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.