Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Day 1

A Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday February 2nd
Outside my Window
I'm watching the birds try to get to the seed before the squirrels. It's been snowing here and it's a fight for the food.
I am Thankful for
My ladies bible study. We meet every other Monday night and I wasn't able to go last time and I'm really missing them. We've been together some of us for years. It's a bond in the Lord.
From the Kitchen
Lunches,lunches,lunches. I am making lunches for all 4 of us. We are all watching our weight so it's salads for most of us. My youngest has a committee meeting every day at lunch to set up for an upcoming event so she wants "something quick". I'm running out of ways to make lunches more palatable. I try to change them daily so we don't get sick of it and quit for faster easier (not so nutritional) options.
I Am Wearing
My scrubs for work. I dug out my Valentines scrubs to add some color to my day. I have scrubs for every month practically. I enjoy the change.
I am Creating
Hearts big and small. Some for gifts and some to fill up my various nooks and crannies around the house.
I am going
To work. I work at a local hospital. I really enjoy my job. I get to see lots of friendly faces where I am.
I am reading
Devotional Classics for Bible study tonight and James for our couples Bible study. I have been reading old Early American Life magazines as I try to do the treadmill. Gotta take off some pounds.
I am Hoping
that I get to finish cleaning up my sewing room. I won't get to finish tonight but maybe by next week I'll be able to say it's done.
I am Hearing
The girls getting ready for school. One is a morning person and one is not. It always makes for an interesting morning.
Around the house
I am picking up remnants of the Super Bowl game. Yea Steelers. It was a quiet one at our house but being over later everyone left behind some stuff. I don't like to go to work with stuff everywhere.
One of my favorite things
Is watching my girls interact with their dad. He's a super father. It fun to see them mature in their communication and it's as fun to watch them resort back to the "little girl".
A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
Include finishing my sewing room clean up, finishing my hearts so I can send some off as a gift and working on a quilt Tori started and never finished.
Here's a picture thought I'm sharing
Tori's flip flop quilt. This is a picture of the pattern. Wait until you see how bright and cheerful it is. A perfect project to brighten winter days.

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love the flip flop quilt...neat!

Have a wonderful day Rhonda!

Aubrey said...

What a beautiful picture on your header! Thanks for sharing your Daybook!

Cheers from Nebraska! :)

Picket said...

Hey friend...great ppost and I love that quilt pattern...thanks for coming ask about the stands for Rate My Space on HGTV...alot of us bloggers use to have our rooms on there and that is where we first met...Hope you have a great weekend!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Rhonda, your daybook is so lovely! I'm so glad you decided to do one. It made me smile.

I love that you wear special scrubs. You know it really does make your patients more cheerful. We have lots of doctors for our youngest son and it always helps when our nurse wears something fun that we can discuss while he's being checked.

Love the quilt too. I've always wanted a flip flop quilt and the bug jar quilt ~ have you seen that one? I just love it. It's so clever.

Would you please pray for our oldest son? I posted a little something about his current medical ordeal and though I am trying not to be, I am a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. We sure could use your prayers.

And I sent you a note about your lovely care package. I can't beging to thank you enough and let you know how much I've been enjoying them. You are a dear.


This Country Girl said...


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit and for your very sweet comments today!

I enjoyed reading your daybook entry. I think I would like to do this too.

I was reading your posts below and I wanted to tell you that I love your candle mat. You did a wonderful job!

I loved the stacked boxes and homespun too! I wish we had more prim style stores around here. They are very rare!

I'm saving you to my bloglist and will follow your blog as well.

Stop by any time for a visit. I'll back back as well!

Have a great week!