Monday, January 12, 2009

Good things and bad things

I'll start with the good things. We had our BIL and SIL and their daughter Linda over for the Steelers game last evening. We didn't get to see Linda over Christmas because she was spending all of her time with her hubby who was to be deployed to Iraq Jan 2. Yep they've only been married 7 mo. (keep him in your prayers please). She is a sweet heart and look what she gave me for Christmas. It is so perfect for me.

I couldn't love it or her more. It's going to be a tough year for her and yet she thinks of me.

As parents we get the pleasure of watching our children grow up. Well I welled with pride and tears yesterday as our oldest daughter made a committment to Christ through baptism. It was one of the most overwhelming things I could ever have witnessed. To know that my 14 wanted of her own will to confess in public to a room full of people that Christ was her Lord and Savior. What more could we ask for as her parents?
This is Tori on the left and Emily on the right. Aren't they beautiful?? (No partiality here)

This is her 87 year old grandfather. He said it was the highlight of the service. My eyes were leaking again. It was great he could be there. He spends most of his time at the home with my MIL but he took time out to be with us. Bless him.

And here is my lovely daughter waiting to be baptisized as her youth pastor talked of her heart for God and people.

Now for the bad stuff. Well not bad just painfull.Here's the picture of the carpal tunnel surgery I had today. I'm just in so much pain but I'm forcing myself to move it like they said.

But you have to hear the typical Rhonda story. I had to be there at 6 AM and was finished by 7:30 am. By 9AM I felt fine so I drove an hour away to look for a prim store and an antique mall. Of course both were closed on Mon. By noon the pain had started. I was on the turnpike wishing to be home. But the pain was well worth it. Look at the magazines and the butter paddles I found. 20 issues of Early American Life. The butter paddles are well worn. I love them. I may stain them a little darker though.

Enough typing for me.



Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Hi, First let me say you DDs are beautiful. I know you are so proud of your little one...I remember well when my sons decided to walk, my oldest actually got up and walked without saying a word to me, I was like eyes just kept leaking. Hope you get to feeling better soon. How did you manage to go shopping afterwards...giggle..I'd been laid up for a month...I'm such a big baby.
I love your new butter paddles my Mom had one. When she passed away my Sister got it.
I really enjoy reading your blog. I am new to this and am enjoying it a whole bunch.

Kath said...

Hi Rhonda!

Well whatta a HAPPY BLESSING! You msut be so very proud!
Your girls are gorgeous!!
I will keep Linda and her husband in my prayers...I keep all our troops and the families in my prayers...It's a difficult time, hopefully he won't be over there for long!

Hope your pain is less and less with each passing day!

oh- and I love those paddles!!

Miz T. said...

Your daighter took a huge step, and a powerful one that will impact her entire life in a positive way. Her blessing also reflects on you and your husband as parents, and how you have raised your daughters to have good character and vision. Good job Mom, be very proud!

I hope your hand/ wrist feels better within a few days. At least you have some wonderful treasures to read while you recuperate!

Linda said...

OH MY!! A prim girl at heart through and through - even after surgery!! LOL

What a wonderful day - I am sure your eyes leaked a whole lot!

I hope you are healing nicely!!

hugs, Linda

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Well I went from my eyes filling with tears over watching your daughter ~ what greater blessing could we have as parents than to see our children walk in the truth!

And then I swooned when I saw your hand. Your poor dear. I'm so sorry. I certainly hope that you're feeling better.

And, yes, those were some special finds!