Thursday, January 15, 2009

Over the river and through the woods......

I didn't get anything posted for Whtcha working on Wed because it is taking time for my hand to heal. However I am going away for a 3 day quilting retreat tomorrow so I am posting a couple of the projects I'll be taking along to finish. I've been going to this retreat with my bee for about 13 years. My bee has kind of dwindled for the last couple of years since our kids were all small but we talk about getting together again. At least we all get together for this weekend and catch up. But we have someone else to cook for us. No phone to answer and even the cell reception is bad. We have to stand outside to talk and with it being 10 degrees I'm not doing that. My hubby is great with the girls so I have no worries there. 50 ladies attend this retreat all together. Some have been since the beginning some new ones come and go. It's a wonderful weekend. I hope to get a lot done. The retreat is in the woods at a Y camp so that's the reason for the title.

The first pictures are of a reversible tabble runner I'm making for a gift.

We have an auction of our handmade things on Sat at the retreat. I was working on a prim basket but that came to a screeching halt with the surgery. But this is the candle mat I may get done that was supposed to go in the basket. Of course it needs grubbied up and i'm probably not going to get to that tonight.

I was given these log cabin blocks by a friend who know I love old things. They are made of old clothing and the note that came with them says they were made in 1913-1914. They are right up my alley. I can't wait to get them sewn together. I wasn't sure that I wanted to change them by putting them together but I want to be able to enjoy them myself instead of hiding them in a box. They are all hand stitched together.

Close up of a block.

The seams are all chain stitched down so once I get them all seamed into a top I will either quilt them with the chain or just finish the seams then put it together and quilt it some other way. We'll see. No hurry.

I have 2 other projects I may take but my ambitions are always greater than what I actually accomplish on this weekend. Too much talking and too little sewing me thinks. Oh well it is my time away. Since I'm not driving this year it could be a motive to pare down what I'm taking.

More on Monday with lots of eye candy from the weekend.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Rhonda!
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Sun. 12:30 to 5
She is redecorating the store and things in the two back rooms are half off, a got some nice things but has a gift certificate to help out:)
Hope this helps,
PS Love the runner and those old log cabin blocks!

Miz T. said...

You have a treasure with those quilt blocks! I agree that you should finish them off and use them, not hide them in a box. I love your candle mat! I hope you show a picture after you prim it up. And your reversable runner is coming along nicely. Have a fabulous time with your friends quilting but don't set yourself back in recuperating from your surgery. Stay warm!

Kath said...

Hi Rhonda!
WOW- those quilt bocks are so neat!!!
I love the runner and the mat!
Have a FUN time on your retreat ;)


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Love your willow stitchery! I need to make myself one.

Those old log cabin blocks are something special. I'm so glad you decided to put them together. I'm sure that the dear lady who began them would be pleased to know that someone finally finished her quilt.