Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I am at home enjoying the quietness. Hubby got called into work and my girls stayed at my SILs last night. We will go there for dinner today. I do have a turkey in the oven to take with us. I will do 15# of mashed potatoes as well. My hubby actually did the turkey and stuffing to take. He made his "mom's" stuffing for the part of his family that likes it her way. His sister made it a different way for the rest of us. I never realized until I got married how much families do things and celebrate holidays differently then we did growing up. I had friends who did some things a littel differently but I guess I never really paid attention. But as we started celebrating combined family traditions it became more apparent. We use some things from both of our families and started a few new ones of our own. I guess that's what being a family is all about-blending.

Here is a link to Trudy's Blog. She is a dear lady who currently has a lot on her plate and still finds time to enjoy life. She is having a giveaway in Dec. She will pick the winner on Christams day. Be sure and hop on over and register.

Have a Happy Day and remember to give thanks for something or someone today.


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