Thursday, February 2, 2012

Liquid Gold.

Well I spent my day off trying a new recipe. A recipe for liquid laundry soap that is. My SIL gave it to me last week and I couldn't wait to try it. It only takes 4 ingredients including the water.

Fels Naptha Soap,Mule team Borax, and Arm and Hammer Washing soda. I found all 3 ingredients at Trader Horn. Not sure who else carries them but I'm told they are pretty easy to find.

As you can see you will need a grater,measuring cups,a pot to mix in and a container to store the finished gel in. I used an old kitty litter bucket to store it in because it fits perfectly under the sink in the laundry room and has a lid.

I wanted to show you the pan I got at the Thrift Store because I think it emulates the frugality I am starting to notice more and more.

Do you see it?? Notice the handles on the pot. Yep one is not like the other. One is wooden and brown. The other it the original and black. Now add the lid. Not the correct lid either but it does fit. Wonder who fixed the handle and how long did they use it after that.

I just love this picture of the grated Fels Naptha.
It has so much texture and color. Not really a yellow fan but I'll call it gold and it'll work.
Liquid gold it is. Made a 2 gallon batch for guess...........
Ready $1.88 Can you believe it. Now that's not including water but you could figure that in if you'd like.

I write all the figures all over the box so I can keep track of the cost.
Can you tell how excited I was to discover this economical way for making laundry soap??
My SIL said she's used it for awhile and it cleans well. I did some research on the Internet and anyone who I found that uses it loves it. For a fraction of the cost I'll try it. I should get 64 loads(at a half cup per load) out of the 2 gallons so that makes it ummmmmmm
about 3 cents a load.
If you want more information Google Laundry Soap Recipe and you'll be amazed at what comes up. (there is a powder version also).

My next adventure..and I use the word lightly.. is bar soap. Can't wait to try it but that must be done on a kid free distraction free day.


Happy washing.

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CP said...

I have seen Zote at trader horn as well, if you feel like mixing up away from Fels. Is the recipe you have only for 2 gallons? I will need to get you a new recipe! We do it all in a 5 gallon bucket, let it sit and then transfer funnel style to empty white vinegar containers.

PS - White vinegar works as a fabric softener, we use it for the sheets.