Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updating projects

Still working on the millennium quilt.
I found an owner when it is finished.
I have one niece born in 2000. So it's hers.
I did work on it last evening for awhile.
I am adding the sashing between the rows.
It's a tedious process. You have to mark where the previous columns lie on the strip so the next strip matches up.
Somewhat of a boring process but a necessity.
I'll be glad when this part is done then I can do a creative step before adding borders.
I'll share more as I go.
This is 4 of the 8 rows so at half way I gave myself a little break.
I worked on finishing some block for a baby quilt my youngest started and never finished.
It was some quick piecing.
It helps to clean up a spot in the UFO pile.
Of course it's not done yet but at least it's a start.
I'm trying to finish at least one project before I start another.
We'll see how that works out.
It needs some sashing as well..... GROAN.
I love to take pictures of my quilts while laying them out. I can see how I might want to change them.
This one will need some help before its all said and done.

Back to work.


Jan said...

I love the first quilt---just beautiful (of course I am VERY partial to star quilts ) I especially love scrap quilts. It looks like you are doing a beautiful job.
Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

Constance said...

I love the quilts; the colors and patterns are beautiful

Take care,

Diane said...

great millennium top-your niece is lucky! It's uncanny how if you take a picture something will pop right out at me that I would not notice (most likely) if I stand there and look at it-wonderful tool the camera!