Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Ok.... Like I need another source of projects. But have you seen Pinterest?? Of course I have several boards and will be starting more I know.
One of the projects in my file there was a cover for my Composition books. You know the kind with the black and white covers.
I have one for Quilting 2012, Soap making 2012 and Wool. But I needed to appeal to my aesthetic side. They, to me, were unsightly with their cardboard covers.

So......... I found several tutorials on Pinterest and combined them for my covers.

Couple things I like about them. One I can leave them on my shelf and they don't stand out as a modern book. Two they have a built in book mark and Three the flaps on the front and back are handy for storing papers that I write notes on until I can transfer them to the pages.
In my next ones I'm going to try and put in an envelope of some sort and a pen holder??? That may be too much for the book but we'll see.

The tutorials are found here on Pinterest


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Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Rhonda, Your journal covers are really nice--great way to have the books at your fingertips but fit in with your decor! I was reading some of your back posts. At the shows we do I have seen some amazingly beautiful soaps. I even bought some once for a friends little boy that had tiny plastic bugs and tiny dinosaurs inside to encourage him to wash his hands! :)I can see how you could go crazy making all kinds! Thanks for following me--hope you come back often!--Jan