Friday, January 21, 2011

This is my Secret Sister and I at Breakfast on Sunday when we revealed who we were.
She was absolutely the best SS anyone could ask for. She gushed over all her gifts. She was so appreciative it was soooooooo worth all the planning and sewing.

I think she loved her pillowcase the best. When she arrived at her table Friday morning I had a bouquet of flowers for her. She kept telling everyone she was no longer a princess she had arrived to Queen.

We had so much fun!!!!!!

This is the view as you drive into camp. I feel myself relax as I pass this tree farm.

Isn't the sky gorgeous.

Leaving camp on Sunday. (sad face)

A few projects from my friends.

What an interesting tutorial this was. What a great use of scraps.

It was a productive weekend for all. I will post pics of my finished projects tomorrow. This post is picture heavy already


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