Friday, January 14, 2011

Secret Sister gifts

I have been working on secret sister gifts my quilting retreat this weekend. We have a $15.00 limit so I had to get creative. In my mind if I make it from stuff I have here that's 0 cost....right??

The first thing I made was a "snap" bag. It's made to snap closed. The snapping is from the metal measuring tape that you cut up and sew in the top opening. Of course I had to embroider her initial on it for that special touch.

I promptly filled it with hand sanitizer and tic tacs. So far free. Had everything here at home. The polka dot bag will match Emily's carry on bag I made previously.

Next I made my favorite wallet. Include a $5 Panera Card and we have gift #2.

Following my strategy to fill my gift box. I made 2.

Next I embroidered a pillowcase for her.
My secret sister is truly a special gal. I have known her for years and there isn't a sweeter person to quilt with. It was easy to create for her. The green I used for the body of the pillowcase reminded me of the forest where I will be staying. It's a camp. It's snowy here so I'm going to have lots of pictures from the weekend to share.

I had quilt notecards that were a fund raiser for a friend so I'm sharing some of those. I did purchase some hand dyed fabrics as a gift. She had those on her "likes" list. She is also A diabetic so I tried to stay away from candy and sweets. So upon arrival I have a bouquet all ready to go.

For the Sunday morning reveal yourself I made a sewing wallet combining a cross stitch wool and regular fabric. I'm putting the finishing touches on it there so I'll get a picture before I wrap it.

Have a great weekend. I know I will.


Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

What neat little goodies you have for your S.S. Very cute and thoughtful bags/wallets.
Have a great time....your quite lucky to get to go away for a quilting weekend. Have lots of fun! And take lots of pics! :)

Gayle said...

I've never had a secret sister before - your gal is gonna LOVE all her goodies!

ARUN said...

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