Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Table runners

I have a new best friend and it's fusible batting. Where's this stuff been and how come no one told ME about it. I bought a bolt of it before Christmas with my 40% off at JoAnns and will keep it as a staple in my studio. It's great for anything you don't want the back to shift while you're working on the top. I have been using it with my new favorite table runner pattern. It is such a basic pattern it can be adjusted for any fabric or size. I LOVE basic patterns I can add my own spin to.

I made several for Christmas presents and this is the only one left here. (I had to finish it after Christmas.) Sorry Cindy.

I made it long enough to fit her table with all the leaves in it. She loves snowmen. This way she can leave it out longer than just Christmas.

Detail of the end.

We didn't go out on New Years Eve. I spent my night sewing. I was in heaven. Not so much DH. He watched all his John Wayne movies on CD waiting for the call to pick up one of our girls.

I made a side table matt in snow man style.

Then I decided to start on Valentines Day. One of my goals for this year is to use up what I have and be more diligent about being ready for holidays instead of lagging behind........I'll let you know how that works out for me**sarcastic** because I'm really bad at that part. I'm the person putting a binding on something on the way to the house it's supposed to be a gift for. I finish and wrap in the car..(DH hates this about me.)

Pay no attention to that batting sticking out on the end. It's almost finished. hehehe.

Then I made a side table matt to replace the snow one in February.

Detail of runner

I found another pattern I wanted to try and that was the perfect night to try it out ....No MOM to be heard for hours..
This pattern uses fabric in a repeat stripe and a 60 degree triangle. You cut and place the stripe pattern in a mirror setting and add the triangles at the end. It is going on the basic pattern list also. I'll never look at a repeat stripe pattern the same way again.

Notice how the pattern completes (makes an oval) around the runner. Follow the checkerboard around. Remember all the photos can be clicked on to enlarge.

Blow up of the triangle end

My brain was in overload with possibilities.

My goal is to finish up projects and start a box of "gifts" so that when I need something for a special occasion I have some things already made. The birdhouses are not my style so I figured add some embroidered napkins and the set will be a great gift.

As I look back at the pictures I must add that I didn't have time to press these before pictures as I was trying to catch some natural light in my dining room. They look all wavy and bumpy but really aren't. Nothing a good steam press can't fix. Off to call my "quilter" she has a quilt ready for me to pick up. Like Christmas for me.



Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

Very nice Rhonda.....lucky you for getting all that free time to sew.
I am so like you....finishing up "gifts" just before giving them! LOL....that made me laugh, because I have wrapped a few to many presents in the car on the way over to someones house. :)
Happy New Year and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.....your so sweet! :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I admire anyone that can sew....not a talent that I have! Having a stash of gifts ready to give when needed is a great idea! Your table runners turned out great!