Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whatca Workin on Wed

I'm trying to use up and clear out. This week it's old quilt blocks.

There is a warning though. I got a little carried away with the bags. I think my OCD kicked in a little. I started out just trying to cover up the writing on the bags I use for groceries.

The bag before I did anything to them.

This is the same bag back and front with a stray quilt block attached to cover up the writing.

Then I talked to a friend (HI Cheryl) and she suggested making pockets out of the quilt blocks.

These old quilt blocks are some that people give me. They really aren't square and can't be used for much but I like them just the same. They were hidden in a box on the shelf so This to me is a better way to enjoy them and give my shopping excursion a boost.

Plus it gives me extra pockets. And who can't use those???

And........the more boxes I get rid of the more wool I can bring in. I have been having such a good time making penny rugs.
I call this one Cheerios. It reminds me of the cereal now that it's done.

I have always liked miniatures and this is no exception. The pennies were small to work with. The army blanket wool I used is one of my favorite prim colors. I dyed some green wool too and it turned out good for my first try at dyeing.

The colors are more accurate in the first picture under the candle. This one is washed out. For some reason I can't see to get good pictures with nice color of my rugs.

My next rug will be a cream and tan one. I noticed that everything up until now is pretty dark in coloring. I need something a little lighter for some of my darker furniture.

Many more projects..........
so little time.
Until the next ones are finished......

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love, love, love those bags, what a great idea to put the quilt pieces on for a pocket.

Love the penny rugs and what a wonderful job you did on the dyeing!


Leslie said...

Good use of the old quilt blocks!!

I guess I did something similar one time. I bought a big tote at the county Fair for $1 with the sole intention of covering the picture on the front...lol I stitched a Prim sheep with pip berries around it's neck and covered the whole thing. It's now used to carry larger projects that I'm working on :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your penny rug! That is awesome. I like the ones with designs but I also love the simplicity of just the pennies all over. It's been awhile since I worked with wool....you have me itching to get to work now! lol

Have a great day :)


Heather's Stitches said...

Lovely idea for those bags!! Is the stitching sturdy for a gallon of milk to be in the bag?

Penny rugs look great, so much work, Great job!