Monday, February 15, 2010

New and Old projects

Even though it's technically after Valentines Day I wanted to post my tree. I am trying to get ornaments made for each month to change the tree. It sits in my bay window in the family room. It's great to be able to enjoy it after I put so much work into make the ornaments to hang. I try every month to get them made and up in enough time to enjoy them the whole month but that doesn't always happen. I have stopped condemning myself for not getting them done and up in a more timely manner. I just tell myself I'm ahead for next year. LOL.
Here's the heart tree.

I moved it here to take a picture because the light was too bright coming in the window...See

Another in the bay where it actually resides. It has 36 wire branches.

Emily had a report to do for school. It was a journal from the French and Indian War era. I am definitely keeping this project it is a perfect prim journal. We had fun working on it and she got a good grade.

It's snowing here again so it's time for some laundry and some sewing. Lucky for me my sewing machine is in the basement with the laundry room. It looks like I'm really doing something not just sewing.



Caths Pennies Designs said...

I love that wire tree! Such a good idea to decorate for each season or month. I tend to be the same way about getting things done a little late .. I'm always notoriously late getting my Christmas things out. You might want to start thinking "Shamrocks" right now!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a sweet tree - I shold use one of my feather trees that way. Yours looks great in the window!