Thursday, July 2, 2009

I wish I had vintage 4th of July decorations. I am really into decorating with Americana for the summer. But things around here are pretty hard to find. Today for Vintage thingy Thursday I was in my dining room and the sparkle of my china closet caught my eye. I am a primitive lover at heart but sometimes I run across something at the thrift store I just can't pass up.
This is my collection of individual salts. They were used at the formal table so each person had their own.

I love the spoons as well They are made of glass. I have seen some in plastic but I believe them to be newer. I'm not really sure when plastic was manufactured.

The box sets I found at different times at the thrift store.

This is one of those items I pay little or nothing for. That is the thrill of the hunt for me. The goal is being to add to the collection when I find one for next to nothing.

At auction I did get the crystal knife rest for virtually nothing. I included it with the salts since I only had one and it fits in the same era as the salts. It holds the cake knife from our wedding in the china cupboard.

This is a late day post but I hope you enjoy my salts. I do.
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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Rhonda,
I've seen those salts at GW and they are neat, you have a neat collection of them:)
Hope you and your family are doing well. This weather is terrible isn't it, I actually have all the windows closed and here it is July 2nd:)

Kath said...

Very neat, Rhonda.
Hope you and your family have a wonderfully Happy, FUN and safe 4th!
This is July right? LOL...Rondell is right, it's chilly and damp here too...feels like Sept!

Ejoy your weekend.


Susie@YLP said...

My mom would love your salts collection. I pick them up for her as I find them too but I've not seen a full set like yours. And that knife rest... well I think that's an item going on my Christmas list for Mom as well. I know she'd enjoy them.
She actually puts out her china, silver and crystal for every day family dinners. Love the attitude.
Why save it for when I'm dead? LOL