Sunday, July 26, 2009

flea market finds and a chimney cupboard

My girls left for a summer camp this morning so I have soooo many projects to work on. Big plans for my week. I finished up my swap for the textile swap Char is hosting. I can't show you any of those pictures though until my partner receives her goodies. It was my first swap and I am my own worst critique so I hope she likes them.

I went to the flea market in Rogers Ohio on Friday with Emily and my nephew. We had a good time. They spent the day laughing at me. I was on a mission to find old wooden spoons for a prim spoon holder I want to make. I succeeded in finding 3. The best one I got for a quarter. It had a dollar on it. I asked the guy if he'd take 50cents he said if I'd take it I could have it for a quarter. The kids just laughed as I paid and ran. I was afraid he'd change his mind. Oh he didn't know what he had. LOL It is the oldest and the most worn. I love it.
It is the one closest to the front of the three.

I wanted to show you a before picture of the chimney cupboard my brother made me. I have it almost finished painting.

Finishing it is one of my priority projects for this week. It's my second painted piece so I'll need lots of suggestions for improvement. This is the base coat of black paint.

I worked in my garden today also. I have an abundance of cucumbers to say the least. I am planning on putting them in my front yard with a free sign tomorrow. Hope they are all gone when I get home from work. I picked green peppers too. I think I picked the last of my peas. It's been so mild they lasted longer than usual. My tomatoes aren't doing anything. Zucchini and squash are just about finished too. I only put in one plant of each since we don't eat much of them. I pass out veggies to all the neighbors too. I have taken some to work. I had grandiose plans of making pickles this year. What was I thinking???

Wish you all lived closer and we could share the produce.


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Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Rhonda!
Hope the girls have fun at camp...and I hope you get lots of FUN stuff accomplished while they are away!
Love your .25 spoon, it's the BEST one of the bunch :)
LOVE the chimney cabinet...he did a great lucky girl, you!
I am sure whoever gets your swap goodies will be THRILLED! ;)

Have a great week!

oh....and I wish I lived closer to ya...I would surely stop by and take some of those fresh veggies off you hands. I didn't get a garden planted this year. With the weatehr we've been having, I don't think I really lost out tho...nothing is growing well, anyway! It's been horrible up my way.