Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time flies

I can't believe it's been weeks since I posted. I have been reading all my favorite blogs but didn't seem to have time to post.

It seems that this time of year I lose so much time. I go outside to work in my gardens and I forget to stop. It just feeds my soul to work in the dirt.
This year I've had a little help getting the vegetable garden in shape. Emily had to do a project for school for Earth Day. She started plants and turned over the soil in our vegetable garden.

She has such a sweet spirit. I just try to nurture it. I think spending time with the plants helps. I hope she picks up my good habits since I know she's picked up the not so good. But they say more is caught than taught so I can hope.

My other time consumer in the spring is Fast pitch softball. Tori is playing for her school and will be starting her local team soon as well. I try to get to her games as often as I can. DH actually gets to more as his work schedule allows. She loves to play so we support her all we can.

This past weekend was a dance at school. I had 5 teenagers trying to get ready for the dance here at my house. Some things went well others did not. But in the end all were gorgeous. I really enjoyed watching my DH the most of all. The girls were demanding and laughing and carrying on. He was totally baffled by all the commotion. His job was to deliver Emily to her friends house for pictures and to drop off her things to stay over night. He waited patiently for awhile then started to get nervous she was going to be late. I can hardly wait until the girls are getting ready for a real dance. He'll go crazy.
Here's Tori and then Tori and her friends.

This is Emily and her friends. She's the one in the yellow. Unfortunately the picture of her alone didn't turn out. Gotta give hubby picture taking lessons.

I did get a few projects done but I was on nights for the last 2 weeks so I have all of them in various stages of completion. I'll show those and some new purchases soon.


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Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Beautiful girls. I remember those days, but at my house it was a bunch of Boys getting ready...