Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whatca Workin on Wednesday

Eggstra....Eggstra Read all about it.
I'm not "working" on anything in particular so I thought I might share a few past projects today.
As I walked throughout my house and pulled out Easter Decorations it was a trip down memory lane for me. It was fun going through the bin and mixing them with the new.


I had learned to crochet and made the eggs. My mom made the basket for the girls when they were small so they could play with them. Sometime in the 1990's.

1970's into 1980's

My mom and I took ceramic classes together when I was in high school.
Just a few years ago she gave me the couple eggs she had done then.

My favorite thing I made in ceramics.

This is a candy dish and it has always been filled with MnMs. It's a tradition. It was a lot of work and I still love it even though it's not prim at all. It does look good on the firkin though.

My mom made this one and gave it to my grandma. When grandma died she gave it to me. It has mom's initials on the bottom so I love it.


These are special to us. Our elderly neighbor bought these for the girls when they were small. Tori was 2 and Emily was 1. They are getting closer to prim.

I was looking for a wool egg pattern and was having trouble finding one. My prayer partner found these on clearance and "knew" i could make them from just seeing these. I will treasure them always.

I spent the day meeting and shopping with a blogging friend. I met Rondell and we had a super day shopping. We bought these gorgeous aqua eggs and the grass. Don't tell our hubby's we bought grass...they just wouldn't understand.

These are by far some of the funnest(is that a word?)eggs I've done for awhile. I plan on making some more. I dug through my vintage feedsack scraps and these turned out great.

Tried to prim them up in a wooden bowl.

I have had a good friend for many years...since our girls were small. She teaches Pisanki eggs and I made some in the past but they got crushed when we moved to the new house. She had a class this year and I finally got a chance to make another one. Hopefully I'll get time to get some more made. I thought they'd look great with quilt patterns on them.

Hope you enjoyed my trip through my eggstra special eggs. Maybe I'll have to do my carrots next.

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love all the eggstras Rhonda:) Especially the blue ones:)

Betsy said...

I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie J. said...

I love all your eggs. My favorites are the ones made with feedsacks. I also love the winter picture at the top of the blog. I'm a fall and winter person.