Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More applesauce

I managed to get 4 quarts and 6 pints of applesauce done today. I did have one mishap however. One of the jars broke in the water bath. What a mess. Oh well it could have been worse. They could have all broken. This is a picture of the "victorio" I use to mill the apples.

We have a new computer system at work and working on more applesauce was really a stress reliever for me. I enjoy any type of creating and find much satisfaction in accomplishing tasks. Of course it has to be tasks I want to accomplish. It can't be something expected of me or something I "have" to do. Although I do relish the smell and look of a freshly cleaned house.

I did get to another project in the last few days. I made some "Primitive Pantry Cakes" form a tutorial I found on Jenn's blog Bittersweet Prims.They turned out nice. Mine are darker than hers though.The second picture is the bottom to show how light they actually were before I put all the spices on them. I need to find some different shaped molds.It gives me something new to look for at the Thrift store. I had an old cupcake pan with 3 different styles so that's what I used. I have them displayed on a wooden plate I bought at a yard sale and painted and distressed.

It came looking like this.

I sanded painted and distressed. This is my first attempt at hand painting. The rim is supposed to be bittersweet.
I think the bright spot in the center must be the flash. It isn't that bright. It whited out the rim a bit too. I'll try and get a better picture.


Jenn said...


I think they look GREAT! Sometimes the they look "grainy", try molasses - I think that would take away the grainy look! Ive been so busy I havent had a chance to make more, Corona got the ones I did have in a bowl on my coffee table!!

I like how you rubbed on the spices.

Youre plate looks great, good job:)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by for a visit! Your close by too, that is so neat and I see you just started to blog!

I love what you found at the estate sale and it must have been so much fun to walk around in there and just dream:)

I'm adding you to my fav list:)