Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Happy Tuesday. Where did the weekend go. On Saturday we went up to Meadville to visit my parents and pick up my apples. I had ordered 2 BU from their local Amish farmer.I've canned applesauce every year since the girls were small. Emily was such a big help this year. She carried all the boxes of canning jars up from the basement as I pulled them off the shelves. As I washed all the jars she began quarting the first bushel to cook them down a little. After they softened some she "squished" them through the Victorio (which is a fancy mill like appliance that attaches to my counter). This by the way is her favorite part. It removes the skins and the seeds and all I so is boil it,fill the jars and process it in a water bath canner. It took us about 4 hours working together. We were rewarded with 13 quarts and 6 pints so far. We still have a bushel to go.

Over the weekend I also finished rusting some bells and some pins.

I found the tutorial on Char's Blog
Be sure and check out her blog. Right now she has a give away for a counter top toaster cover to co inside with her daughter's 21st Birthday. She has some of the best tutorials I've seen. She is a really gracious lady to share her talents with us.
It's off to work I go. This is the what I leave every day. My DH did a fantastic job decorating this year. His first! He's a natural.

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