Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Making Halloween Cookies

Em and I made cut out cookies tonight for her cousins that are away at college. We got them all cut out and baked. The icing will be reserved for tomorrow night.As we were working I was reminded of making cookies with my mom and sister at christmas time. We only made cut outs for xmas. I have started a collection of the same type cookie cutters that I used as a child. They were a clear red plastic made by Educational Products Company in Hope, New Jersey.Some time ago I learned that they had all styles of cutters. There is a nativity set, a cinderella set, and nursery rhyme sets as well as the traditional holiday sets. The circus set contains clowns horses and elephants. They are so fun. They are not produced anymore. The company is no longer in business. I try to find them at flea markets and garage sales. I so enjoyed making cookies with Em. I know it won't be long and she won't want to be making cookies with me anymore. I hope she thinks back when she is making cookies with her daughter. I hope to start a set for both my girls too.

We made witches,cats and pumpkins. The orange on is a little older than the red ones.


Linda said...

Thanks so much RHonda. Grammy will be my name!!

You must be new to blogging. Welcome!!

Lisa said...

Hi, thank you for visiting Cranberry Flats. I have to ask, is that your stone cottage in the header? It's fantastic!!! I bet we have the same tastes. Your chairs are great, I love them. I hope you don't mind, I'd like to add you to my blogroll! Have a great week!

Jenn said...

OMG, these look so good right now!