Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Christmas Quilt and a Ziploc Bag Project

Did you ever find a project that just keeps popping up until you actually make it?? There was a Christmas quilt I saw in an older addition of Fons and Porter's mag. I didn't actually have the mag so I called their store and they sent me a copy..$5.00 because they had no more of that edition. Fast forward years....I found said mag in a flea market type sale that we have at our quilt retreats for 25 cents. Plus I finally decided on the perfect reproduction fabrics.

Starting with many many strips being cut.

Then sew the the strips back together.
Cut them at 45 degree angles.

Sew the angled strips together into diamonds.

20 done 4 more to go. This has been a lot of work. Sewing the angled strips requires marking the 1/4 inch. It's time consuming.

Then cut the big diamonds into 2 "tree tops".

While I am working on "big" projects I keep smaller projects in Zip;oc bags to be grabbed at a moments notice. Never know when I'll need one.

Finished a Penny Rug. Seems like Christmas is the theme.

Love that feeling of accomplishment...........


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Betsy said...

Love both of your projects. I do the same thing with projects on the go. I love to have hand work to keep me busy!

Have a great day.