Thursday, April 22, 2010


I went to my first garage sales of the 2010 season. It was freezing this past Sat but I braved the weather looking for that elusive treasure.I did find a couple of treasures (at least I think they are)

Here's for you Lisa

I found a yard of plaid wool for 50 cents that will felt up nicely. It's blue and cream and I already can see something patriotic in a penny rug for summer.

The thread is a find because I always prefer to use old for a couple reasons.....First it's Made in the USA, second the colors and quality are better,and when making reproductions I think the older looking the better.

The little red book has great patina but I will probably recover it in fabric and prim it up. It's the perfect size for the shelf in my living room.

Do you have traditions that can't be broken?? My youngest daughter Emily is a stickler for tradition. I love that memories we built while they were little stay with her. For instance i didn't have the time or the energy to decorate for Easter this year. I got the Easter bin down and she did it all by herself. She wanted it decorated for our company.

These are the traditional napkin rings I made years ago. Not very prim are they?? But she loves them and insisted we use them. They are made from a piece of miniature fence I cut apart and just wired to the size I wanted. I then hot glued on miniature Easter characters. They were so quick and so fun.

Of course we have 2 traditional tablecloths I made also. We use the larger egg one for everyday and the jelly bean one for Easter Sunday. No real rhyme or reason except that we have 12 purple napkins that look better with the jelly bean tablecloth.

I know the Easter pictures are a little late but I was fixing some of the miniatures tonight to finish packing it away for next year and I couldn't resist sharing them. It was neat for me to think about all Emily did to get ready for Easter this year and reflect on the person my "little" girl is becoming. Tradition will always play a big part in her life I'm sure. I will treasure these times.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda,
Love all your garage sale finds-thanks for sharing!! The plaid wool is really nice! I love how Emily decorated your tables for Easter-I love all the bright colors for spring! Thanks for posting!

Miz T. said...

I'm glad that Emily enjoys the importance of traditions. Our children let us know which ones are important to them, and those are the traditions that will continue with their children too.

I love, love, love the penny rug in your last post! What a find! It looks to be in good shape and is lovely with your newly crafted candleholder.