Wednesday, May 5, 2010

These are always a sure sign that spring is here.

My MIL knows a riddle about the bleeding heart she used to tell my girls as she opened it and took them apart. The only part I remember is the slipper at the end. Sadly dementia has robbed us of her. If anyone knows this riddle I would love to have it.

This was last weeks' project. I had started them last summer when I was in Texas. I put them away when I got home and they have sat in a box on my dryer (don't ask me why there..... IDK). It was time to get them out and finished. I love how they turned out. They are firecracker bowl fillers form a tutorial form Char.

They will look great in my "redo" bowl.

I have a hard time working with blue. I always imagine it a certain shade of blue and it never works out that way. This time it worked. I wish I had a before pic. This was a wooden salad bowl with ball feet and flowers on the inside. Love how it turned out. Won't pass on another one of this type again.

This is how we spend spring at our house. Girls fast pitch softball. Tori's been in softball for about 9 years now.

Notice the number Uncle Ron??????? It's a traditional number for my brothers when they played sports.

Have a great Wednesday.


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Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Those firecracker bowl fillers are great and the bowl turned out great too!

When you have kids and they play sports, it does sort of take over your lives, doesn't it? But it all passes too quickly anyway. Just enjoy the moment! :)

Hope you had a great Mother's Day yesterday!