Sunday, April 11, 2010

Primitive Candle Holder

This tutorial was posted by Kris the Project Coordinator on " A Primitive Place" Prim forum. I started it a few weeks ago and finally finished them today. Her instructions were very user friendly. I couldn't decide which color I wanted to make so I made two. The first one is a mustard over black.

The second one is barn red over black.

It was one of my first projects in wood. I can't wait to do some more. There is something rewarding about conquering power tools. Or maybe it's just the feeling of working with "power" tools... LOL.

I have lots of pictures to post of some new things around The Olde Stone House. One is in the pictures above underneath the tray of fruit. It is an honest to goodness antique Penny Rug. My friend Lisa and I went to an antique show a few weekends ago and found it. We made instant friends with the dealers and the rest is history. They were both great to deal with. I gave the rug owner all the cash I had with me and he gave me the rug with the understanding I would send the rest "within a week or 2". We couldn't believe it. I have become used to the feel and look of vintage penny rugs. The old wool feels different than the felted wool of today. This one is backed in burlap too which is also traditional. It is on a foundation piece of a muslin like fabric. i just love it!!!!

Isn't it wonderful. Even though I love to make my own I consider myself lucky to have an antique one.

On Saturday the girls and I went to a wedding shower for a close family friend. We had a wonderful time reconnecting with family and friends. I hated to leave. But we'll see everyone again at the wedding next month. I had picked my mom up for the shower and when we returned to her house she told me to take the "old crock" sitting on the patio if I wanted. "If I wanted??" I couldn't get it in the car fat enough. I wanted a big one for a garbage can in the kitchen. Can't wait to find someone to make me a lid for it. And for FREE no less.

Better go finish some "chores" now. It can't be all fun.



LeeHillPrimitives said...

Beautiful job on those candle holders. Love, love the penny rug. Thanks for visit my blog.

Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

Wow, did you ever get lucky with all those things....the candle holders turned out great, and I just love that antique penny rug and that big crock! Such neat items!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You lucky, lucky girl you! I love the penny rug and what nice dealers too! Great job on the candle holders and love the big crock")


Uncle Tractor said...

I'll have to try the candle stands. Looks like a fun project. My wife just bought 6 old crocks. Using them as a trash can is a great idea! We just might try that! Thanks.