Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving Thanks

We returned home from Texas yesterday. Tori and I drove down to visit family for the holiday. She was a most excellent co pilot. it is a 22 hour drive from PA.I am so enjoying having a teenager. She shared in the driving and that was a big help.
This is a picture of Tori and my SIL Theresa. Theresa was diagnosed in March of 2009 and she is still with us. We are celebrating just having her still with us.

This is part of my Texas family. My brother Ron, SIL Theresa me and my sister Renee. Yep we are all "Rs". Gets a little confusing at times.

It was a great visit but glad to be home.

Finished a project too. In my "glass half full" attitude I am early for next fall.

Time to clean the house so I can begin decorating.


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