Monday, October 10, 2011


Don't you just love the look of produce all canned and ready for the canning cupboard.
There's something about the colors that just put a smile on my face.
Here's the hot banana peppers-
that the stink bugs didn't get-
all "put up" and ready for the winter.

I also finished a couple of things for my secret sister.

The cross stitch was done on a coffee dyed piece of Aida.

It turned into a cute pillow tuck.

This pattern is from Jenny at Country Rustic Prims.

Take a peek at her them.

I prefer general fall/harvest things to just Halloween because I don't have to move them around too much.

You know put up and take down then put up and take down.

Too much like work for me.

Although I am getting a few Halloween patterns for pillow tucks.

Hope they come soon. If not I guess I'll be making them up for next year.

So then I will be really early NOT too late.

Like how that logic works.

Here's the mug mat I also finished for my SS.

It was a tutorial over at Stash Manicure (one of my favorite quilting blogs) .

I read it in the morning and whipped it out in no time to get in the box .

Not my best photo but I was in a hurry.
Time to go. Happy Harvest.


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