Wednesday, August 31, 2011

16 and Pinwheels

Oh to be 16 and just getting my license again. My oldest daughter got her drivers license last week. We had to buy a new car for various reasons so she has been "given" the use of my faithful Caravan. Now I say it is because she isn't allowed to drive the new car which is considerably smaller (by the way). My real reasoning is that it has lots more car around her should-God forbid- anything ever happen to her. Call it what you want I feel safer....

What a magical time she is having with this new found freedom. Last evening she wanted a burger so off she went. She wanted to go to the mall so off she went... Get the picture. It really is a lot of fun watching her grow through this latest stage. She's even cleaning out the car right now. Washing the outside as well as the inside and vacuuming. Can you beat that!!

Here is a picture of her on her mission trip this summer. Not sure how much paint was on the building.

She's a good girl and really fun to have around.

Haven't finished too much in the line of projects lately. I belong to a summer quilting group designed to get you to sew one block a day. We started as an off shoot of Crazy Mom Quilts blog except we do a different block every year. This year we did a pinwheel block. I had 102 blocks completed in the allotted time. It was not sewn into a top however. Now it is in strips and ready to go to my Sept quilt retreat to be completed.

It's made from my collection of reproduction feedsacks. There's not one repeat block in the quilt. I thought I would be using up so much fabric and I didn't even make a dent in it. So I will be pulling out more patterns to use it up.

i will close with some pictures of other quilts in various stages theta were brought to our show and tell picnic at the end of the summer. Enjoy.
All of us ....preparing for show and tell.

My favorite. 2" 4" and 8" blocks.

Can't have an event without a Pittsburgh Black 'n Gold quilt. This one is a Penguins quilt to be raffled of at this quilters church.

We are a Yahoo group so anyone can participate. Think about it for next year.



Ann said...

Right there with you in the new driver's seat! It was back in March that we added our 16 year old. It is nice to have an extra driver - especially for after school practices. Also helps out with errands- she doesn't have a choice - we provide the car and the gas - so "Carrie you need to go to the store!" Praying they both stay safe on the road, ~Ann

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

Oh my goodness...your quilts are beautiful. I dont have time to read all your posts yet, but I will be back. I am bogged down right now with some rug hooking stuff and have family coming over, but after Monday I plan on relaxing and taking a leisurely look. Btw, beautiful girl that daughter of yours ! Will keep the new driver in my prayers !