Sunday, December 28, 2008

Computers UGH!!!!

I hate computer problems. When they work they are great but when they don't it sucks!!!!!!!!! We've been dealing with this for about 3 weeks now. It really was hard finishing presents. I had a lot of things stored on the computer and couldn't retreive them. Finally after days of working on it my DH got some of it retrieved. Then after days more it was restored. now we have no internet connection. It's always something. After many calls to Verizon someone is coming out before 8:00 pm tomorrow. Stay close to your cell they'll text you before they come. So after working midnight to noon I'll have to be sleeping with my cell. Great!! Hopefully DH doesn't have too much planned and he can carry it for me. I'm at work now and at least can read blogs.
I didn't get to post any christmas decorating pics or train competition pics either. Hopefully when I'm back on line I can get some posted. I'll post DH and the winner's for sure.
It sure has been a lesson period for me. I've learned to slow down some and be more patient. It hasn't been easy for my type A personality to be so at the mercy of a thing that I couldn't do anything about(control). I really don't like that feeling. I spent lots of time in communication with God about the whole situation. Like I said it was a lesson. Not necessarliy one I wanted to learn but with the Lord's help I'll grow through it.
I hope to resume posting soon.


Kath said...

Hi Rhonda...
I was wondering about ya when I hadn't seen ya around! I'm sorry ya had to deal with this...especially over the holidays-and especially since you had things you NEEDED, stored on your computer! I hope Verizon shows up as they say...
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas...I can't wait to see pics!
Have a HAPPY-Peaceful-Joyous NEW YEAR!
I wish you many glorious blessings in 2009! :)


Miz T. said...

I understand how you feel as we lost power due to an ice storm. I never got many of my cards out because the addresses were all stored on my computer! Lessons learned. Hopefully you will have perfect computer access in short order.

I just love trains, but have never owned a set. I am so looking forward to your post about them!

Linda said...

OH Rhonda - we were dealing with the same thing AND my printer went on the blitz. Finally Dh bought me new ones - just what we needed at Christmas time! It certainly is frustrating so I feel your pain. I hope all is up and running before you know it!! Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...