Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Finish

I finished another banner while I was visiting in Texas last week. The first banner I made was out of fabric and I gave it to a friend to use in her classroom. This one is made from various papers in a style I saw on Creative Breathing. I used images from my and my SIL"s childhood. I went looking for these favorite images and found out that they were originally manufactured in Pittsburgh,PA. Imagine that!!!! Wish I lived here then. Maybe I could have had some originals. a friend did bring me some decorations that her mom still has so I could scan them for the image. Most of the other images came from various sources. They are reproducing these images but I'm not sure if they are still made in Pittsburgh. I am still researching this.

I remember my teachers having them as classroom decorations. My mom owned a few too. Of course the more research I did I found the astronomical prices they are going for on sites like Ebay. I guess there's a whole sector of "my" age group wanting to enjoy them.

I warn you this post is picture heavy. But this was a labor of love for me. My SIL loves Halloween.

The "o" was my favorite and it was the unclearest picture. It was more vibrant than it shows. See "pride goeth before the fall". Shouldn't have been so "proud" of my O

The researching for images has been so much fun. I learned a lot in the process too. I tell my girls " a day without learning anything new is a wasted day. There is so much out there to learn."



Creative Breathing said...

Rhonda! I am so inspired by this wonderful banner! You did an amazing job! The graphics are fantastic the papers you chose showcase them perfectly. I need to take your lead and make one of these for my fireplace for our Oct 31st celebration. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! E

NanE said...

Hi Rhonda I saw your post on Elizabeth's blog and I just had to come see your banner. I have to tell your it is FAB! I love all those images and remember them from my childhood too. I posted a link to some vintage Halloween images last Friday on my blog too. Not the same as your's, I will have to hunt these down too! Have a great day, Nan

Anonymous said...

What a great way to personalize a banner. Great job from your new follower. ~~~Cathy~~~